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    This product was added to our catalog on Friday 02 February, 2018.

    5m 4Pin Aviation Connector Video Audio Extend Cables for Car Vehicle Backup Camera /DVR

    Price:  Rs.1,357.00

    Highlight :

    • All-in-one video and power cable. High Quality 4pin Shied Cable.
    • 5M video power extend cable for vehicle backup camera can extend camera installation range.
    • Used to Connect Camera to Monitor and camera to mobile DVR.
    • Extend cable widely used in truck/trailer/bus/motor home/long vehicle for connecting parking assistance, surveillance CCTV system.
    • 4Pins Aviation Connector, Special thick hard wire can shield vehicle's circuit interference better than normal AV cable

    Description :

    This extension cable is used for vehicles with a parking camera system with two cameras, as an ideal indispensable accessory between the monitor and cameras! It can also be used for vehicles which use a CCTV system and require a connection cable from the vehicle to the trailer.
    This cable/adapter features a flexible spiral centre wire connection which can be used for various vehicles such as car, school bus, heavy duty truck/trailer, caravans, agricultural vehicles, construction vehicle etc. It features high quality connectors, which promise a stable, long lasting connection.

    Advantage :

    • This cable is perfect for transmitting video and power.
    • Simplify install surveillance systems, using one cable to carry video and power.
    • Extend the cable on your camera easily with this extension kit.
    • Don't waste time soldering or crimping together your own cables or voiding the warranty by splicing in your own wires.
    • Most cameras only have a few feet of cable coming off the camera.
    • This cable will help you to extend the power and video signals.
    • so it is much easier than to mount your camera about anywhere you would like within this range.

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x 5M 4Pin Aviation Extension Cable

    Specifications :

    Item Name 4Pin Aviation Extension Cable
    Color Black
    Material Plastic, Metal
    Connector Type 4 Pin Male to Female Connector
    Used Cables can be to Connect to vehicle Camera and Monitor , camera to Mobile DVR