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    This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 31 May, 2018.

    GPS Data Logger | SNK-LF90

    Price:  Rs.588.82

    Description :

    Location Finder Key Chain is a new-creating production which combines watch and GPS functions. Multi-point finder is an artificial intelligence e-compass. It can save your hotel and scenic spots and so on. It is a creative and useful production which with special design for traveler who fond of GPS function.

    Highlight :

    • Time display: While GPS position is located, the Location Finder Key Chain will display Greenwich Mean Time.
    • Time Adjustment:you even can adjustment time zone in device to fit where you are.
    • Location Finder: LED shows the five kinds directions to you and reaching the position what you have been saved, such as car or hotel position.
    • GPS Receiver: Connect with your laptop; Location Finder Key Chain would become a personal navigator


    • Adopt SkyTraq Venus 6 chipset with 65-Channels for fast acquisition and reacquisition
    • High sensitivity (to -160dBm)
    • Excellent performance - Cold/Warm/Hot start time: 29/1 sec. (average)
    • WAAS / EGNOS supported
    • With exquisite and smooth design and portable key-chain style.
    • GPS Build-in Battery: with 8 hours operation.
    • Indicate five directions clearly.
    • USB Interface. No installation necessary, user friendly

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