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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 22 January, 2014.

    Parking Sensor System | SNK-095

    Price:  Rs.3,499.88

    Highlight :

    • Digital LED showing obstacle distance in the mirror.
    • Color VFD display for the digital and direction precision detection.
    • Alarm by Bi-Bi sound, Attention and stop word to warning for you.
    • The stimulative vehicle is displayed for front and rear, left and right.
    • Rear view mirror for the display, it clip on the exist mirror inside the driving room.
    • With 4 rear sensor to detect the obstacle behind the car bumper
    • Turn on/off the voice according to your desire
    • Display distance actively
    • High quality and easy to install
    • BiBiBi/DangDangDang or Voice Indicator
    • Volume switch

    Description :

    Car parking sensor consists of ultrasonic sensors, digital control box, camera and LED display. The system detects the distance between the car and back obstruction with ultrasonic sensors installed at the rear bumper of car. With the change of alarm sound, detect the safe area correctly. It is the best choice for the safety of the car.

    Accessories :

    • 4 Sensor Kit
    • 1 Display

    Specifications :

    Rate Voltage 12V
    Operation Voltage range 9-16V
    Detecting Distance 0-2.5m
    Rated Current 20-200mA
    Ultrasonic Frequency 40KHz
    Display Working temperature -200 C to 600 C
    Working temperature -30-+700C