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    This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 31 January, 2018.

    Vehicle Tracker With Speaker and Mic SNK-202A

    Price:  Rs.3,481.00

    Highlight :

    • Main Unit with Battery (Standard)
    • GPS Antenna (Standard)
    • GSM Antenna (Standard)
    • Speaker (option)
    • Microphone (option)
    • I/O cable (Standard)
    • SOS Button (optional)
    • SIM Card Socket (Standard)

    Service :

    • 3 Year Replacement Warranty
    • FREE 1 year History Tracking

    Features :

    • Positioning and Tracking : Through the on-line Positioning Plat former the cell phone to locate sat times, and get the working status. You can choose the Positioning Platform by yourself.
    • Triggering Emergency Alarm : When the emergence happened on the vehicle, you can put on the button and the installed unit will send out alarm to the authorized numbers.
    • Remote controlling oil and circuit : you can control the oil and circuit via the unit by SMS in anywhere and anytime.
    • Remote Monitoring : In anywhere and anytime, call the phone number in the unit, when it connects, you can monitor the sound around 5meter.
    • Movement Alert : Send SMS to the unit to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is moving, the unit will send the movement alert to all authorized numbers.
    • Overspeed Alert : Send SMS to the unit to start the movement alert function. When the vehicle is overspeed, the unit will send the overspeed alert to all authorized numbers.
    • Geo-fence : Setup a geo-fence for the unit to restrict its movements with in a district. The unit will send the message to all authorized numbers when it reaches the district.
    • Restart the unit : send SMS to resume the default of unit.
    • AutoTrack : You can setup autotrack by SMS or on-line positioning platform.
    • Mileage statistics : ACC checking ; cutting off power and alarm.
    • Compatible with the original anti-theft alarm : It will send SMS alarm after the original anti-theft alarm warning.

    Attention :

    • Make sure to read this manual carefully before using this product.
    • Please insert the SIM card before installing, and make sure the SIM card has no password, otherwise the tracker will not work normally.
    • Please make sure that all the cables of the tracker has been connected rightly, and then connect the tracker to host power. Must not install or take down the tracker when it is power on. If you found any troubles or omissions about the connections of cables, please cutoff power first, otherwise you will easily damage the tracker.
    • The tracker works in wireless communications, so please cut off the host power before your vehicle sintering fuel depot and dangerous material place.
    • The tracker’s work voltage is 9V-30V. Please use the tracker in the scope of work voltage.
    • The host of GPS tracker is allow – power wireless transmitter and receiver. It receives and sends radio frequency signal when it is working.
    • To avoid electromagnetic interference or incompatible configuration, please stop using your tracker in the noticed place.

    Specifications :

    Dimension 73x57x25(mm)
    Weight 495 g
    Network SMS,GPRS(CMNET)
    Band 850MHz/ 900MHz/ 1800MHz/ 1900MHz
    GPS chip HuaXunchip
    GSM/GPRS Module SIM800C
    GPS sensitivity -159 dBm
    GPS accuracy 3-30m
    Location Query Mobile phone or platform
    Work Voltage DC 9V-30V
    Battery Chargeable changeable 3.7V/650mAh Li-ion battery
    Stand by work current less than 50mA
    Storage Temperature -40 degree Celsius to +85degree Celsius
    Operation Temperature -20 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius
    Humidity 5 percentage to 95 percentage non-condensing